Welcome to Restoration Haven, Inc.


Established out of founder, Shirley Langston’s passionate desire to see urban communities restored and become havens, places of refuge, safety, trust and comfort, RHI’s vision is to create an environment that is conducive to proper growth and successful development of all its residents.

RHI targets low-income and economically distressed communities, defined as American’s urban areas.  Due to several factors, these areas have been cut off from critical resources that leave them socially and economically isolated.  These communities need a bridge to reconnect them to viable solutions that foster community redevelopment and revitalization.

Communities are built on the strength of families. RHI is the bridge to rebuilding families and transforming impoverished communities.

Centered in the heart of the Carver Park neighborhood in East Waco, Restoration Haven, Inc. is a beacon of hope with community-wide impact annually serving a total of 8,635 children and adults from low-income households primarily from single parent families.

Our approach to community development is holistic as we focus on every area of the individuals’ development including physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.  RHI strives to empower residents in the community to make productive change in their community and their own life.  This is accomplished through the integration and collaboration of other organizations that serve this population.

Through its community building blocks framework and programs, RHI significantly shifts the way services are delivered to communities, while reconnecting families and residents as active participants in community change, and strengthening the support systems that enhance family stability.

We want to invite you to partner with us in restoring lives and communities. Together we can bridge the gap for the children and families of the Carver Park community and the resources needed to provide them every opportunity for success.