Monthly Newsletter

Dear Community,

A welcome to our monthly newsletter.

Each month, Restoration Haven Inc. will release a newsletter for members and friends of the program alike. This publication will serve as a way to check in on the powerful change being effected through RHI and its volunteers. Page two is dedicated to Miriam’s Army. Featuring anything from their performances to narratives from those involved in the program. Trail Blazer’s receives a page for updates, fun activities and a monthly reflection from volunteers working with the program. A column, on page four, drawing on the wisdom of Miss Shirley Langston, the founder of Restoration Haven Inc. will range anywhere from a testimonial to life advice and everything inbetween. The final sections of our newsletter are dedicated to combining our community with that of greater Waco. A social media spotlight mentions highlights the growth and the partnerships in different RHI programs. There will also be a spotlight on different places in Waco, including: museums, parks, farms and theatres. This all will be finished up with a calendar of the month’s events.