Miriam’s Army


The vision and mission of Miriam’s Army is to build a joyful community through creative expression. The desire to create a space in which children can develop their confidence through achievement is what inspired Founder, Shirley Langston to begin fundraising for the Troupe. She wanted to show them the pride that comes in utilizing their gifts, skills and talents.

How You Can Help

Miriam’s Army is growing significantly with the opportunity to impact multiple young lives. RHI seeks to build a financial capacity which would ensure that every young girl who aspires to do something greater will have that chance. Sponsor support for Miriam’s Army will:

1) allow us to increase the impact of the program to include more participants.

2) help us continue to provide more exposure and skills development for these young dancers and emerging confident leaders.

3) provide for supplies including costumes and uniforms, and lessons from Joy’s Dance Studio.

4) support us at our performances, listed in the monthly newsletter.