Programs & Services Overview

HOPE – Helping Other Parents Excel

Program provides work clothes, shoes, monthly bus passes, parents’ night out and advocating for clients in various arenas.

Elderly Programs

We provide monthly gap bags and do home visits once a month. Minimal case management to ensure they are ok.

Miriam’s Army

To develop social skills, confidence and self-esteem RHI implemented a dance troupe. Girls range in age from 6-16. Their dance instructions in Ballet, Hip-Hop and Tap are sponsored by Joy’s School of Dance, as well a to es the practice facility.

Hearts Ablaze Fellowship

To provide a biblical foundation through studying the Word and building relationships by intimate fellowship with one another. Partner with local churches to provide these services.

Trail Blazers After School Program

To ensure that community children are academically successful we provide homework assistance and grade appropriate tutoring. We have 35 to 40 school age students every Monday-Thursday. The students also receive a box dinner. Tutors are from various organizations at Baylor University.